t.fabrica, your MES solution

t.fabrica is the MES/MOM platform by Techsol that allows for management of the production sector in all its aspects. It includes all the functions required for the checking, planning and monitoring of production activities. The main objective of t.fabrica’s users is to get real time information so as to be able to make the best decisions without interrupting business activities.


Why t.fabrica?

To increase efficiency and quality by controlling the production process
Techsol and industry 4.0 - What is MES location?
Techsol and industry 4.0

In the current business scenario, it is essential to minimize waste and maximize efficient manufacturing to achieve high qualitative standards. t.fabrica provides the necessary tools to control all the resources involved in each individual stage of the production process. The information collected relating to materials, machines and operators is monitored in an easy, immediate, and continuous manner.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced reworking
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced operator errors in the use of materials

To simplify business decisions through full visibility of the production process

t.fabrica provides the company with contextual information in dashboards, reports, monitors, alarms and real time notifications to respond proactively to problems in production and react to events effectively.


  • Real time product tracking
  • Cost reductions due to unexpected production
  • Real time analysis of production indicators
  • Paperless process management
  • Simplified communication between different company departments
  • Support for continuous process improvement
Increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality

Using t.fabrica is the best way to verify product compliance; notify changes to the specifications of the finished product; monitor production indicators; control logistics and despatching; and, in case of complaints, verify the nature of the complaint thanks to the complete traceability of the product throughout the production process.


  • Minimized client non-compliance via better control of the production phases
  • Improvement in delivery punctuality
  • Reduced inventory errors for faster and better stock management
  • Improved handling of complaints through real time analysis of all the product information
  • Increased customer's satisfaction
Optimizing the production processes so as to produce more efficiently and without waste

t.fabrica provides a complete control over productivity and efficiency data analysis, supporting maximization of profits and contributing to a reduction in the cost of production management.


  • Improved production efficiency (increased capacity, yields, better planning)
  • Quicker introduction of new products
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Reduced waste and low value-add activities
  • Stock reductions
  • Reduced paper costs

  • For further information please visit http://www.tfabrica.com

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