Industry 4.0. A list of specific benefits to remember

Notizia del 02.07.2017

We all know that the manufacturing sector is constantly evolving and in 10 years it will be different from today. Innovative technologies, materials and society itself change to inexorable speed. This is why it is important to remain flexible and to be constantly prepared, relying on adaptable IT tools that will allow you to get a quick return on your investment.

Some practical tips can help businesses follow the flow of industrial revolution smoothly:

  • Once you have chosen a team that can support your company in the MES implementation, it is necessary to require a detailed study of the impacts that will invest the internal organization
  • It is crucial to establish a meeting program to develop an operational plan
  • Study how to invest in the Industry 4.0 project, considering the return on investment
  • Make some "experiments" using the new technologies available
  • Prevent the possibility of evaluating different strategies, where the chosen one will create new opportunities for improvement

During the design phase the company must know the needs of each plant and what kind of results it wants to achieve in the short and long term. The more the analysis goes down in detail, the more successful the results will be. Although every business is diversified, not only by the type of activities, but also by size and projects, there is a common list of benefits to maximize production efficiency by achieving high quality standards.

Let's see:

  • Controlling the production process to increase operational efficiency and quality generates increased efficiency, reduced rework, reduced waste and reduced operator errors in materials usage
  • Full visibility of the production department determines complete product traceability in real time, reduced costs due to unforeseen, online process management, simplification of communications between different business levels
  • Full customer satisfaction is achieved by minimizing non-compliance, increasing punctuality in shipment, reducing inventory errors, and improving complaint handling
  • Cost reduction and profit growth can be achieved through better planning, quicker entry of new products, reduced low-value activities
  • A scalable and customizable platform allows access to data and performance indices at any time, to check information on mobile devices and to integrate the new system with any ERP through a standard interface

In the current business scenario these are the key points to focus on, to minimize waste and become officially part of Industry 4.0, keeping control of all the resources involved. The information contextualized in dashboards, monitors, alarms, and real-time notifications respond proactively to production issues and provide tools to react effectively to events.

For manufacturing companies, today and in the future, identifying and eliminating waste, streamlining processes by increasing profitability and product quality, reducing costs and improving customer service is the goal to be competitive on the market.

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