Cloud computing: a measurable impact

News of 05.06.2017

When it comes to emerging technologies, we can say with certainty that cloud computing has occupied a place of relevance in the industrial landscape. Up to now, it has been largely used to speed up and reduce the costs of existing processes, but it has in itself an infinite potential that already allows many companies to obtain considerable and lasting savings over time.

Starting from the need to have a flexible IT infrastructure and to analyze huge amounts of data, cloud computing has had and will have a significant impact on our way of operating, with the guarantee of a competitive advantage. Customers now have instant access to a growing number of services, providing personalized daily help. On their side, companies reduce service costs and gain valuable time to increase production and operational efficiency. The time of complex and costly solutions is over, the current context makes it necessary to simplify all activities by using new technologies, which offer the ability to manage and control the risk by drastically reducing it.

Cloud computing providers know how important it is to facilitate its integration with the ERP system already in use, for this reason a simple and quick implementation is essential. It distinguishes the nature of the product through templates that help to optimize efficiency; through a set of connectors that provide flexibility for an unlimited number of Cloud and on-premise apps; through data security requirements complied with industry standards.

But Cloud computing is not just a prerogative of multinational companies. As said by Marco Argenti, vice president of Mobile & IoT, Amazon Web Services: "This kind of service is also ideal for start-up or small and medium-sized enterprises, which can thus grow by keeping costs down, managing activities without having to face new investments and be very facilitated in case of expansion abroad. "

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