SPS IPC Drives Parma: what are the new business needs emerged from the event

News of 06.15.2018

The eighth edition of SPS Italy represented an opportunity for many Italian and international companies, including different fields of global interest such as automation, digital and robotics.

But even more interesting was the expansion of the area dedicated to companies that deal with industrial software, the necessary tool to make machines interact with each other.The Digital District Pavilion has in fact presented various types of offers according to the dictates of Industry 4.0. Entirely focused on the approach between the IT and OT worlds, it was characterized by the numerous debates on the nascent technologies within the Digital Arena and demonstration demos of the products and services available.

This is an area in continuous evolution, which is able to restore added value to the manufacturing sector thanks to the functionalities put in place, ranging from design to simulation, from supervision to maintenance, up to integration of the production area with the management side.Specifically, many companies are gathering more and more information and data from production lines, but they struggle to make it “consumable” to improve and speed up production, reducing costs and waste. Therefore they need tools to integrate information at all levels of the process and with all the other machines involved. So now the MES assistance is evident, because it includes all the functionalities necessary for the control, planning and monitoring of activities, as well as enabling proactive responses to production problems.Techsol participated enthusiastically in this annual event, expanding its network thanks to the knowledge of companies and the opportunity of new partnerships. What emerged from this experience is the need of system integrators and in general of all those who install machinery and/or system supervision systems, to have at their disposal a MES platform to use as a lever to make sense to all the technological innovations introduced in the Industry 4.0 world.

Thanks to this type of solution, Techsol has managed to meet various needs, from those who focus more on the management of production cycles (from fine tuning of work plans and in general from process control) to those who have shown interest in real-time control of the state of the plants and in the management of the failures. Or to those who prefer data collection and therefore dashboards and information analysis to support decisions.

This is an opportunity to gradually introduce the new technologies and skills that help leading the company in a new competitive context, by the Industry 4.0 rules.

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