About Us

Techsol‘s main purpose is to provide tools that allow for the obtaining of quick and synthetic information on the evolution of different production processes, enabling any company to radically improve its internal management.

How we do it? With a highly qualified team of consultants for different market segments and with flexible and specific software solutions for managing, planning and controlling production.

We are certified:
ISO 9001

for guaranteeing the use of criteria that follow international standards

ISO 27001

for the management of information security that aims to preserve information, in any form present within the organization, in terms of: confidentiality, integrity and availability


Every customer needs to be able to better manage their business. We help by offering:


consultancy to assess the level of company maturity and apply a digital readiness model


the development and integration of software solutions that support the digital transformation process

What are our goals?

Contributing to increase competitiveness, leading companies to fully express their potential

Being at our client’s side day-to-day assisting in the achievement their goals

Being the reference point in professional consulting and technical support

What are Techsol's skills?

Have appropriate and specialized solutions to cope with changes in the manufacturing sector

Optimize management costs and transform corporate data into business tools

Maximize the return on investment through a targeted and modular infrastructural and technological upgrade