MES t.fabrica

MES/MOM platform

t.fabrica is Techsol’s MES/MOM platform which allows you to manage the production in all its aspects. It includes all the functions necessary for the control, planning and monitoring of production activities.

The main objective of those who use t.fabrica is to obtain all field information in real time and make the best decisions while the activities are still in progress.

Why choose t.fabrica?

Control the production process to increase efficiency and quality

t.fabrica supplies, for each single step of the production process, the tools for controlling all the resources involved. The information collected relating to materials, machines and operators is monitored in a simple, immediate and continuous way.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduction of rework
  • Waste reduction
  • Reduction of operator errors (using materials)
Simplify business decisions through complete visibility of the manufacturing activities

The information is made available through dashboards, reports, monitors, alarms and notifications in real time, to respond proactively to production problems and react to events effectively.

  • Paperless process management
  • Product traceability in real time
  • Reduction of costs caused by unforeseen production events
  • Real-time analysis of production indicators
  • Simplification of communications between different company levels
Increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality

The MES is the tool for verifying product conformity, notifying changes to the finished product specifications requested by users, monitoring production indicators, checking logistics and shipments and, in the event of complaints, verifying their nature thanks to total product traceability.

  • Minimize Customer non-conformities
  • Increased punctuality in shipments
  • Reduction of inventory errors
  • Better handling of complaints
More and better production, reducing waste

Producing more efficiently and quickly, reducing costs and activities with low added value, increases the company’s profit and competitiveness.

  • Increase in production capacity
  • Faster introduction of new products
  • Reduction of personnel and paper costs
  • Reduction of waste and low added value activities

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