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Digital technologies are the main transformation factors of the manufacturing industry.


Companies are required to embrace digitization in order to be competitive and not risk being cut off from the market, but before investing in this area it is essential to understand the organizational and production status of each company and its needs, in relation to both digital technologies and to organizational processes.


The secret of the actual success of the digital transformation process depends on the maturity level of the company, which must understand its working context and define a roadmap, before applying innovative solutions.


With the aim of guiding companies towards this transformation process, we have created a maturity model that allows you to develop a 360° awareness of your systems and processes and obtain a pragmatic guide on the next steps to take.

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What are the objectives
of the maturity model?


Assess the level of digital readiness of manufacturing companies and identify theirs
strengths and weaknesses with respect to implemented technologies and organizational processes.


Identify the set of opportunities offered by digital transformation,
Considering the company’s strengths and goals to overcome its weaknesses.


What is our method?

Company Maturity Assessment

Identification Strengths Points And Weakness

Identification Of Opportunities

Definition Of The Roadmap For Digital Transformation


What are the advantages of the model?

1. Help your organization to understand its current level of digital readiness

At an organizational level, companies need to find a method to integrate the physical dimension (hardware) with the digital one (software and data analytics).

2. Identify the factors driving the digitization of your business

Establishing a new perspective is critical to driving meaningful change.

Your business needs to set specific goals to set quantifiable KPIs: What specific areas do you hope to improve through digital? What kind of metrics do you want to get?

3. Identify obstacles that prevent or slow down change

The most common obstacles encountered within manufacturing companies are: lack of specific skills, dependence on other technologies,
resistance to change and lack of established standards.

4. Identify the capabilities needed to increase digital maturity

We support you in understanding and growing your digital skills, which allow you to understand the complexity of the environment in which you work, flexibly managing the challenges of an ever-changing market and using digital as a lever to support the business.

5. Develop a specific roadmap for your company to address digital transformation

We create a digital transformation roadmap for your assets, showing you the necessary interventions to improve your productivity.
We evaluate in which sectors to exploit the resources already available and if it is necessary to redesign the workflow, integrating new machines with digital technologies.


What are the benefits of digital transformation?


Better data collection: data optimization creates a single view of the customer journey, operations, production, finance and business opportunities.


Better management of resources: thanks to the integration of applications, databases and business intelligence software.


Increased Productivity: automating manual tasks and integrating data across the organization allows team members to work more efficiently.


Increased Profits: businesses tackling digital transformation improve efficiency and profitability.


Increased Agility: enables faster innovation and adaptation while providing a path to improvement.


Better Customer Experience: digital transformation not only unlocks efficiency for your teams, it also delivers smoother, more intuitive experiences for customers.

«A deep understanding of your own level of business maturity is the first step to achieve a successful digital transformation»

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