New opportunities
for corporate digitization

Cloud offers the speed you need for your company's digital transformation.

Cloud computing means a set of technologies that can process and store information by using hardware and software resources distributed on the net.

The innovations and advantages of Cloud configurations are represented by the scalability of infrastructure, absolute reliability of the service, and the ability to quickly gain new functions in computing and storage.

Specifically, when talking about the Cloud, we are dealing with servers managed by a software which operates by distributing data to all the available servers and even possible new ones, in order to increase the capacity of the system itself.

Fields Of Application

Cloud services immediately came to the interest the manufacturing sector for the immense opportunities they offer to Smart Factories. Let’s look at the advantages:

  • The distance between the ERP in use and the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has reduced
  • The volume and speed of Big Data are no longer critical, thanks to an infrastructure that distributes content on multiple computers (horizontal scalability) and increases the performance of individual nodes (vertical scalability)
  • Artificial intelligence supports Analytics and Data Mining, simplifying procedures thanks to a SaaS service
  • The process from product design to distribution is faster and feasibilty can be evaluated: costs are optimized thanks to data visibility and demand planning. Such flexibility allows you to modify the size of the hardware infrastructure in real time by creating realistic experiments, thus avoiding costly investments.
  • Cloud computing connects workstations in real time directly through IoT and provides collaboration that consists of shared access to data by operators anywhere and from any device
  • Changes are handled efficiently through their documentation and transmission

What does Techsol do?

Cloud computing is a real strategy that aims to speed up the process of productive growth by defining a new type of business. Techsol builds tailor-made solutions using Microsoft Azure PaaS, which includes not only infrastructure; server; archive and network; but also middleware; development tools; BI services; database management systems; etc.

Such a tool is able to support the full lifecycle of web applications: creation, testing, deployment, management and updating.

Our support consists in identifying the most suitable Cloud solutions that guarantee business continuity. Our intention is not to replace the system in its entirety, but to build a new environment in which to gradually integrate the existing system.