Software solutions for production activities

Do you have a need to digitize business processes but don’t have a partner to assist you in the solution? Techsol works in team with the customer by developing software solutions for the optimization of the production sector.

It can help you through the development of customized MES platforms and/or turnkey projects.

But what is meant by digital transformation ?

The term “Industry 4.0” indicates a set of rapid technological transformations involving various sectors: from the design to the production and distribution of systems and products. It is above all a cultural revolution, which sees the emergence of a new business model.

The new technologies available are now able to optimize even the most complex processes, which can always be controlled, even remotely. In this context, software solutions, starting from MES (Manufacturing Execution System), represent an indispensable step towards the digitization of production processes.

In fact, the MES is a data collection system for the management and control of the production of a company. Its main feature is the ability to synchronize company management and production in order to bridge the gap between the planning and control levels by optimizing the use of production resources.

Through this tool it is therefore possible to react immediately to any production overloads but also to know the progress of orders in real time, the status of the machines, the placement of materials and factory performance.

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Personalized Assistance