Custom implementations

To integrate individual requirements into the MES system, Techsol offers various solutions for configuration and customization.

We provide a AMS service (Application Management Service) for real time business management for both technical and process expertise. In addition, starting from your own idea, we can support you in customizing special projects, following your directions and analyzing the needs of each plant.

Here are our solutions:

  • Production planning: the department/line manager needs specialized support for his daily operational programming. T.fabrica includes a specific tool for planning and production scheduling. Through the use of dedicated modules, it is possible to handle the delicate balance between load and capacity on the one hand and synchronization on the arrival of the components on the other. Using the planner, the company is supported in an integrated and flexible way at all stages of programming, from customer orders' feasibility verification to fine scheduling of production departments.
  • Cutting programs: t.fabrica provides a module for defining shearing machines cutting based on customer orders, stock, raw selected material etc. The tool allows to easily and intuitively change the cutting plan with the use of the mouse only.
  • Dashboards: With t.fabrica, it is possible to connect to the production facilities to control all production information. The company is always under control: simple, intuitive and fully-visualizable layouts for user or user profile allow controllers to have the updated real-time and peak-to-peak status in terms of advancement, timing and cost, taken and used material, actual material and WIP position. Compared to a traditional data collection, Techsol's MES is able to report proactively and in real-time the manufacturing abnormalities (too high times, inadequate percentages, machine breakdowns).
  • Sequencer: allows the head department and/or production manager to manually determine the best sequence of operations on the various machines. It allows the creation of machine programs efficiently organized, evaluated to finished capacity, thus allowing to activate and communicate to the departments right from the start of the work plan and any variations. Optimum sequencing of the activities in full compliance with the constraints described in the model (production capacity, technological criteria, critical resources set up, material availability) according to user-configurable goals.
  • Data Collection: online data, collected by operators or work teams, are monitored and processed interactively by providing data for direct and indirect activities, "good" quantities, inventory and non-compliant/suspended activity. The production data are complete and correct without need of paper support to fill in and insert at the end of the day.
  • Orders feasibility and Advancement: defining the ordering dates based on the real availability of the finished product (ATP, Available to promise) and the semi-finished products, materials and capability of production resources (CTP, Capable to Promise) . Production orders and basic data can be acquired directly by the ERP. With t.fabrica, the production plan and any information pertinent to the production process (orders, operations, materials, lots, drawings, controls, etc.) are distributed electronically to the department: in this way each resource has all the information needed at the right time , in place and in the right fit. As a result of departmental data, the plan advances in real time: the user performs interactive monitoring of how production is taking place and of how each resource contributes to its completion.
  • Distributed Supply Chain: t.fabrica allows the management of distributed production networks intended as establishments of the same group or external units. In detail it allows the integration of several factories belonging to the same group.
  • Resource Management: Direct or indirect operators can log in and out on the machine's terminal. The human resource Management software stores all the information recorded through the operator code. This way you can create reports that show production, stops, waste counts, efficiency, etc. referring to that operator.
  • Traceability: complete handling of movements, whether they are loaded with individual materials or handling units (eg pallets). All movements, including those related to the material being processed (WIP), are also perfected by lot and location, thus ensuring accurate traceability, tracking and enhancement. In real time all statements are checked and can be transmitted to the ERP to update stocks.
  • Reporting and data analysis: t.fabrica provides various types of executive reporting and analysis based on data processed and resident in the production database. The user can query KPIs as Efficiency, Usage, Delay, OEE, Productivity, Fault Analysis via both evaluation reports and interactive business intelligence-based analysis. T.fabrica allows you to find criticality at a glance: gauge, histograms, traffic lights and alarms synthesize the production situation in an intuitive graphical way. The module allows you to summarize the many detailed data collected in graphs and always be informed through real-time reports if something is done in production. The high configurability makes the dashboard highly customizable to turn it into your daily decision support. Through integrated charts, managers can build their own custom keyboard for a fast and transparent analysis and evaluation of all key performance indicators.
  • Quality: t.fabrica is able to handle quality process controls using the technology infrastructure of MES. The module collects the main functions of the test data acquisition and process control to automatically manage and detect all the activities that are being carried out during the production process to ensure product compliance. The main features:
    - Basic archive management: articles, families, tests, defects
    - Creation and management of test cycles
    - Non-conformance detection per variable and attribute
    - Monitoring the state of the batches and the results of the tests
    - Process control module

Find out how to take advantage of our tools to suite your needs.

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