SAP consulting

Do you need to work with an expert who has significant experience in SAP projects? Techsol provides services and assistance through SAP platforms. Our team of developers is constantly up-to-date with the new SAP technologies applicable to small, medium and large companies. Our solutions include: Andromeda, Abap development, Business Intelligence.

Andromeda Solutions

t.fabrica easily integrates with the customer's ERP system, through a standard interface. Orders and production data are transferred from the ERP to the database. Integrated export functions allow you to directly load production data, production programs, ongoing activities and performance data from t.fabrica to ERP.

The package that deals with this integration, and much more, is Andromeda, a simple tool for communicating data between different business systems securely and quickly. Andromeda utilizes the SOAP technology of Simple Object Access Protocol and becomes the DATA communication BUS between the various corporate systems.

Integration management is centralized on a single platform by implementing a "Hub & spoke" model. This model allows you to overcome the limits of a traditional structure by interposing, between the various systems to integrate, a Engine capable of transforming the data, directing it and controlling the evolution of the process.

What are the benefits?

  • Automation of data exchange processes
  • Targeted controls on data
  • Communication in real time
  • Communication with SAP, exploiting standard components (NCO and JCO)
  • Manipulating of data before communicating with SAP
  • Reduction in the number of connections
  • Disconnecting of applications
  • Ability to integrate new participants
  • Centralization of rules and interface logics

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ABAP Development

Do you want to customize your SAP system by modifying the software according to your business needs? Techsol allows you to access a service created for application development on SAP (ABAP language). ABAP is the acronym for Advanced Business Application Programming.

Generally with the ABAP language you can:

  • Implement and manage custom transactions within SAP
  • Create reports
  • Create new programs
  • Create additional SAP modules

Our team is able to customize SAP and 'shape it' for all your business needs, from standard transactions (USER_EXIT, Customer Function and BADI) to custom programs (Report, Module Pool), which allows for the extraction of Data and for its display in video (ALV Report) and documents (sales, purchase, cargo handling, etc.). SAP also offers the possibility for communication with external systems in many diverse ways (RFC, Services, IDOC).

The main SAP modules which we have worked on are:

  • SD - Sales and Distribution
  • MM - Material Management
  • PP - Production planning
  • FI-CO - Financial & controlling
  • WM - Warehouse Management

Business intelligence

The collection of all company data assets is an essential choice. The process of transforming data and information into "knowledge" defines Business Intelligence.

Techsol uses the following modules:

  • BW and BO: dedicated in particular to reporting addressed to executives, plant and commercial managers (ordered / delivered, costs, mark-ups - expressed as a percentage, it represents the difference between the selling price and the purchase cost of the product)) in addition to information on lines, for work centers. It also facilitates integrations with sequel systems, offers solutions to meet any need, from flexible reporting tools, to dashboards and advanced visualizations.
  • BPC: for business planning, allowing for the development of a forcast budget project (a re-evaluation of ongoing expenses and costs faced over the year, and the gains made).

The Business Intelligence system therefore implies:

  • The collection of company data assets
  • Their cleansing, validation and integration
  • Subsequent processing, aggregation and analysis
  • Use in decisions making

The benefits:

  • High ROI Lower costs/risks
  • Higher revenues/opportunities
  • Timely decisions
  • Advantage to competitors

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