Techsol celebrates 20 years of software solutions for production management.

The company has reached an important milestone, which marks a turning point in the development of innovative solutions for the management of the production sector, with particular attention paid to MES/MOM type applications.
Techsol is constantly engaged in consultancy activities to support infrastructural and technological updating to the advantage of management costs, transforming corporate data into business tools.

“This anniversary represents an opportunity to celebrate our guiding principles, such as innovation, quality and reliability that characterize our commitment and what we create.
Our corporate culture is based on the constant search for progress and on the deep understanding of customer needs by transforming specificities into customized solutions” – says Michele Ugatti, CEO of Techsol – “We want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, our partners and collaborators who have allowed us to tackle ambitious and challenging projects also in the implementation of simulation and optimization tools to support the control of production processes”.

Founded in 2003 in Piacenza, the company began with the first shop floor system management and ERP consultancy projects, continuing with the consolidation of industrial control applications and SAP development.
In 2010 it contributed to the growth of custom MES solutions and obtained the expansion and acquisition of its applications in foreign markets. In 2016 t.fabrica was born, a proprietary MES platform through the use of an R&D group dedicated to the development of solutions in a 4.0 perspective. Two years later the platform became a product and in parallel the collaboration with the Industrial Software group of ANIE Automazione began.

This year Techsol celebrates twice, because on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary it has developed a new version of the t.fabrica MES, in full 4.0 paradigm, thanks to a strategic vision based on 4 main themes:

• Centralize and unify the data collection of production processes through an “event-driven” model, i.e. a system that does not passively collect data, but can actively respond in real time to production asset events

• Complete flexibility in modeling the collected data, in designing event workflows, which allow to quickly define the basic model for the digitization of production processes

• Total accessibility to information and system functions, providing integrated tools for modeling views, indicators and KPIs based on collected and processed data

• Modern, streamlined, flexible and configurable integration with the corporate ecosystem in terms of production plants and software systems through the latest IIoT communication protocols.

“The experience accumulated in recent years has allowed us to understand how the actual success of the digital transformation process for manufacturing companies depends on the level of maturity of the company itself, and how important it is to know their work context and define a roadmap, before applying innovative solutions” says Michele Truffelli, President Techsol, “our goal is to propose a digital maturity model that guides companies and allow them and 360 ° processes, obtaining a concrete indication of the steps to be undertaken “.